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Bizvoip enables clients to build next generation call centre applications that can automate business processes and human decisions on a grand scale. Solutions are built in GoLang and can be deployed anywhere.

Over the last decade we have developed a large toolset for crafting advanced call centre solutions, often unifying multiple outdated systems with a new overall solution. Older Asterisk based solutions provide a complete and competitive solution that ticks most boxes for most clients.

For more advanced clients who wish to explore the bleeding edge in call centre technology and software intelligence, we have created our premium call centre solution, utilising Freeswitch as telephony engine. It significantly increases traceable profits, service delivery and business automation by processing telephony smarter, using less human and technical resources.

Our vision is to build an intelligent, omniscient software ecosystem that can automate repetitive human tasks as well as very important data driven business decisions. If we are data and metadata omniscient, why not analyse and optimise in real time?

Our premium call centre solution is faster, smarter and more efficient than traditional solutions.
Tell us about your custom software development or integration requirements and we’ll find a solution for it. We promise.

Premium Features

  • Premium Voicemail Detection.
  • Text to Speech (TTS) and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR).
  • Intelligent data and source management.
  • Automatic data management and redial.
  • Data source monitoring and reporting.
  • Personal data and number profiling.
  • Smart and dynamic DNC and Caller ID.
  • Campaign cost and acquisition automation.
  • API for software developers, third-party and upstream integrations.
  • Mobile USSD Push integration (VAS).
  • Powerful business automation capabilities.
  • Professional human decision automation.
  • Multi-tenant and white label support.
Premium Service
From R400/user
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Bizvoip's primary focus is the development and hosting of telecommunication software, with support, hosting and software development being it's largest divisions.

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