Call Centre / AVM & API Dialler

Automated telephony solutions for high capacity voice messaging, broadcasting, surveys and alerts. Dedicated auto dialler solutions for call centre operators and software developers.

Bizvoip designed its first AVM service over a decade ago and is the leader in AVM technology development in South Africa. Our intelligent ecosystem collects information and applies algorithmic intelligence to significantly improve the automation of telephony, increasing answer rates, acquisitions and resource savings. Clients benefit from superior voicemail detection, bespoke third party integrations, speech recognition and text to speech engines. Integrates with our intelligent telephony automation ecosystem called Archimedes.

The Bizvoip AVM service and the Archimedes management platform can be utilised as an intelligent automated dialler to feed platforms without such capabilities, and to fulfil other business process automation requirements.

Premium Features

  • High capacity AVM execution. Contact millions of subscribers a day.
  • Industry leading voicemail detection. Ability to finetune voicemail detection per local opperator.
  • Automatic speech recognition (ASR). Transcribe verbal answers into text. Automate.
  • Text to speech to read out variable messages. Ideal for customer support based solutions, for example reminders or surveys.
  • White label and multi-tenant options. Host multiple clients on a single solution displaying your own company logo and domain name (FQDN).
  • Utilise as loose-standing power dialler for third-party PBX and call centre applications.
  • Fully self-service user interface with scheduling, reporting, exporting and upstream integration features.
  • Dynamic outbound numbers (CLI). Show a new number every time you call a specific lead.
  • Integrated with Vodacom for outbound mobile CLIs.
Premium Service
From R79/channel
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