API Telephony Stack

Enable your software with cloud telephony features, at scale.

We appreciate software developers and understand what is required to complete an epic. Using the latest generation in software development technology is vital for the longevity and scalablity of such applications, as it is essential to adopt and migrate to newer better technologies as they are invented. This is how we have been doing it since inception.

We have acquired a great deal of knowledge and skill in the telephony space and are adept at building virtually any application under the sun. Our primary building blocks comprise: Freeswitch, Go, NATS, Temporal, Tensorflow, Docker, React, PostgreSQL and other open source technologies required to complete the epic.

Typical integration options include: API, ESL, NATS, Temporal, webhooks, database and a few others options.

Tools for Software Developers

  • API Auto Dialler: Execute millions of calls a day to anywhere in the world. Transfer answered calls to live agents or automated surveys, optionally read out by AI. Integrate with MVNO for USSD push and network side billing. Features advanced voicemail detection. Based on Freeswitch. Managed by Archimedes.
  • Asterisk Integrations: Enrich your Odoo, Corteza or CRM with a full suite of telephony features. Highly customisable service for office telephony and call centre solutions. Includes WebRTC module and REST API. Custom software and feature development optionial.
  • Freeswitch Integrations: High capacity telephony softswitch. Perfect for building large telco applications at scale. Supports multi-tenancy, API, ESL and a host of other features built for processing high-throughput telephony. Roughly five times more efficient than Asterisk. Perfect for software developers.
  • Archimedes as Middleware: Capable of marrying multiple applications with each other. Ingests all data points to algorythmically automate business decisions and processes, at scale.
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