DC / Dedicated Hosting & Colocation

A purpose-built data centre for hosting high capacity applications. Perfect for voice, fintech and resource intensive applications.

Our data centre is built for maximum throughput, stability and uptime. We achieve this by duplicating all hardware components and network connections in our DC to quickly resolve physical hardware or network connection failures.

Specialised data centre features include BGP via dual ISPs, DDOS Protection (BGP based), LACP for network redundancy, and dual supporting utility services. Bizvoip peers with the best ISPs in South Africa offering clients true 1:1 unshaped uncapped international & local connectivity.

Data Centre Features

  • Dual Utilities: Eskom power sources, generators, UPSs and air conditioning.
  • Dual Network: core routers, core switches, WAN switches and LAN switches.
  • Dual ISPs: dual fibre links to two or more ISPs, triple links to NAP Africa.
  • BGP and DDoS Protection via BGP injection.
  • Proactive monitoring of all resources and applications.
  • Biometric access.
  • Bizvoip engineers on standby. Teraco remote hands on standby.
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Bizvoip's primary focus is the development and hosting of telecommunication software, with support, hosting and software development being it's largest divisions.

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