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Archimedes is the benchmark in telephony and business automation intelligence. Archi ingests, tracks, analyse and automate at scale.

We have developed Archimedes to automate the management of AVM systems and to increase the intelligence and efficiency of such systems on a massive scale. Archimedes is capable of automating specialist human tasks. It can also be used as enabler for integrating AVM technology with other applications, or to develop new bespoke features for automated telephony and related technologies.

Archi monitors all data uploaded to it and all data generated by the entire software ecosystem. Monitored data includes: customer data and customer data sources, execution metadata, hangup codes, call costs, campaign costs (CPL), answer rates (ASR), call lengths (ALOC), customer responses, customer subscriptions, “do not call” lists and other important metrics. It analyses all data in real time and automates important business decisions and business processes better than humans can do.

Data is important, but has become so massive in volume that humans require software tools just to understand the data. Archi understands what is unintelligable to humans and acts on information fast. Real time analytics is the foundation and future of automation.

Primary Features

  • Data omniscient. Tracks every data point in in the entire ecosystem, and its relation to other data.
  • Telephony data tracking. Monitor termination cost and other telephony metadata or CDRs.
  • Data profiling. Creates profiles on important data points like telephone numbers and data scources.
  • Customer response tracking. Automatically maintain Do Not Call (DNC), Opt-Outs and Subscription.
  • Integrate with external systems. Syncronised with the Direct Marketing Association for DNC. Syncronise customer responses with integrated upstream systems to automatically complete the acquisition process.
  • Automated split testing. Test data sources, surveys, voice recordings and other criteria automatically.
  • Automated analytical decisions and data science. Preconfigure data based decisions pertaining to cost, data and sales metrics.
  • Automate important business processes and rules. The business logic responsible for resource optimisation and optimal business performance can be managed and automated by software.
  • Unification. Develop bespoke features and incorporate them into Archi to unify systems into a holistic solution.
  • Integrate. Can be integrated with any software application to enable data syncronisation in real time.
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