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Purpose built for your specific requirement. Unify your telephony and software requirements and build exactly what you need. This is the way.

Designing, building and managing a large telephony software ecosystem is one of the most difficult tasks in the entire software industry. The software has to manage a multitude of variables, in a very limited time frame, multiplied by tens of thousands of concurrent calls, writing billions of lines to log files and databases, not to mention call rating, credit tracking, month end billing and the real time monitoring of such vast dynamic data sets.

Needless to say, being adept at building large telephony software ecosystems naturally enables us to build solutions for non-telephony industries as well, because such industries are typically less demanding than the telecoms industry.

Under the hood, all the major software ecosystems should employ a great coding language like Go, an extensive message bus like NATS or Temporal, a vast UI library like React, a progressive database like PostgreSQL, and complimentary open source technologies like Docker, Docker Swarm, and others. We are a linux based open source development house. Our applications have no underlying license costs.

If you want to build proper software that will stand the test of time, drop us a line.

Benefits of Modern, Purpose-Built Software

  • Simplify and automate everyday business tasks, processes and data driven decisions.
  • Ingestion, optemise and process any and all data sources.
  • Unify all information systems to streamline data analytics on a massive scale.
  • Algorithmic and machine learning capabilities for analysing large amounts of information more efficiently.
  • Build advanced automation mechanics atop algorithmic and machine learning technology.
  • Intelligent, optimised technology require less human resources.
  • Requires less technology resources to maintain realised as significant savings in the long term.
  • Higher throughput. Process at scale like never before with a programming language like Go or utilising a search optimisation technology like Elastic.
  • Scale automatically and efficiently without any friction. Solid, as the future requires.
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