Telephony Software Development

Bizvoip has been building high throughput, high quality software for the telecoms and related industries since 2010. It offers its development skills as an outsourced and managed service to enterprises, telcos and alike. Its technology stack primarily includes, but is not limited to: GoLang, NATS, React, PostgreSQL, Freeswitch, Asterisk and other complimentary services.

Solutions can be hosted anywhere globally, but Bizvoip's data centre is specifically designed to be the best home for any software application in South Africa.

Successful software projects live and evolve forever. It is very important that software is built on this premise, else it will inevitably fail. We design and build our software using the best technology available, ensuring that our applications can withstand the test of time and have the ability to evolve, forever.

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Bizvoip's primary focus is the development and hosting of telecommunication software, with support, hosting and software development being it's largest divisions.

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