Wholesale, Resellers and Agents

Bizvoip is geared for clients and individuals who wish to resell our services, or Agents who wish to generate sales leads and earn commission instead.


We use PortaOne as VoIP platform for the provisioning of VoIP trunks (lines) and DIDs (numbers). This is a pure voice service with no PBX features. Unlimited call concurrency. Free trunks and free DIDs. No monthly service fees. White label, customisation and integration options. Custom rates and products supported.


Multiple PBX solutions to choose from (onsite, hosted and cloud). Solutions for all pockets and all requirements. Highly customisable and feature rich. One platform for the provisioning and management of small to very large PBX solutions. One flat monthly service fee per user. Custom rates and products supported.

Call Centre

Bizvoip's premium call centre service enables clients to craft their own call centre software utilising the latest in telephony tech, Archimedes. Bizvoip is also the most experience Vicidial provider in Africa. Resellers are able to resell both premium and Vicidial services.

AVM & API Dialler

Bizvoip is the leading provider of automatic voice messaging services in South Africa. Self-manage UI for resellers and end-users with API integration options. Ability to send mobile DIDs as CLI. Very high throughput service to execute surveys or campaigns to the entire country in one day.

Hosting and Data Centre

Our DC and managed virtual clusters are built for high throughput, always-on hosted and cloud services. We offer resellers the opportunity resell our DC and hypervisor building experience as a service. Ask us about your specific requirements.

Software Development

We use Asterisk, Freeswitch, OpenSIPS, Go, NATS, LXC, KVM, Docker and other technologies to create fresh scalable software for the future, from the ground up. We are also able to integrate multiple technologies with one another.

Wholesale and Resellers

  • Multiple office and business telephony solutions to choose from.
  • Solutions for all pockets and all requirements.
  • Highly customisable and feature rich, suitable for small to very large requirements.


  • For individuals who want to earn commission and only generate sales leads on behalf of Bizvoip.
  • Ideal for part time and remote workers.
  • Its the agents duty to facilitate virtual meetings with potential clients.
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Bizvoip's primary focus is the development and hosting of telecommunication software, with support, hosting and software development being it's largest divisions.

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