PortaOne Real-Time Analytics & Automation

Search powered applications for massive telecom networks. All in one spot. Supports all database technologies, JSON and API connections.

We offer advanced database optimisation solutions for enterprise search, observability, security and automation that are built on a single, flexible technology stack that can be deployed anywhere in the world. Deploy on Linux, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Amazon Web Services.

Unified Real-Time Visibility

Enables actionable insights into networks, support systems, and human behavior with a holistic search intelligence platform. Enables advanced business intelligence and process automation.

Distributed Networks

Ingest multiple data sources from multiple telecom networks to form a single analytical and automation layer across multiple distributed telecom networks.

Fraud & Cyber Attacks

Develop new insights from previously unintelligible data sources due to the load created by such monitoring applications on telecom database infrastructures.

PortaOne Improvement Applications


Help your network operation centre (NOC) to monitor, discover and solve problems in real-time. Access new information previously unavailable due to database resource limitations. Monitor any metrics at a fraction of the typical database resource cost.


Significantly improve the speed of large running queries by converting them into perpetual aggregation queries. Transforming the month-end billing query into a continuous data stream which can be monitored and displayed in external user interfaces.


Create powerful web-based wallboards and visual reports for monitoring any metric over multiple datasets, in real time. Understand unintelligible data like never before.

Fast Search & Discover

Fast and powerful search tools to instantly query massive datasets. Ideal for fault finding and exploring data on a massive scale. Empowers data scientists, monitoring and administrative staff with next generation data exploration technology.

Machine Learning

Use the latest advancements in machine learning such as vector search, text classification, data annotation, Tensorflow and PyTorch to train models for your datasets. Automate and optimise your applications for the future.

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