Database Optimisation & Search Technology

Unlocked the power of real time information, analytics, automation and beyond.

Reliably and securely ingest data from any source, in any format, then search, analyse, visualise and automate. A revolutionary system to enable the real time search and analytics of massive databases, decreasing the load and resources required to employ such databases.

Search with Speed at Scale

Whether you're looking for transactions from a specific account, analysing an anomaly in a data set, or looking for a burger spot in a 10km radius, the problems we're all trying to solve with data boils down to search. DOT lets you store, search, and analyse with speed at scale.

Visualise Your Data

Explore your data with stunning visualisations, from waffle charts and heatmaps to time series analysis and beyond. Use preconfigured dashboards for your diverse data sources, create live presentations to highlight KPIs, and manage your deployment in a single UI.


Unlock valuable insights when you collect, store, search, and analyse your data. Using multiple integration methods to ingest data from applications, infrastructure, and public content sources with a multitude of out-of-the-box integrations to get started in minutes.

Telco Applications

Reporting and Billing

Transforms long running queries into real time information streams. Imagine month end billing being ready on the first second of the next month, or stream the real time balance to a user interface for continuous monitoring.

Monitoring Systems

Abstract and aggregate large queries across entire databases at great speed and scale. Monitor CPS, ALOC, ASR and any other metric across the entire network in real time, without needing massive increases in resources.

Better Security

Ingest every CDR created on a telco network perpetually. Aggregate and analyse calls in real time to block fraudulent calls and compromised accounts faster and more accurately.

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