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Want to integrate your CRM or ERP with our customisable telephony solutions?

Click to dial, integrated call detail records and call recordings, autodial options, inbound call and contact information popups. Bizvoip's bread and butter has always been solving software problems in the telephony and related industries.

We have integrated applications like Odoo, Hubspot and Corteza with telephony services to inject call detail records, call recordings and other meta data into CRMs, ERPs and alike. We have integrated call centre applications with AI service providers like Google, Azure and AWS.

Not all software applications were created equally, but the majority of them can be integrated with one another, and with our telephony services. We enable clients to add extensive telecoms features to their own software applications.

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Bizvoip's primary focus is the development and hosting of telecommunication software, with support, hosting and software development being it's largest divisions.

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