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Designing, building and managing a large telephony software ecosystem is of the most demanding challenges in the entire software development industry. Large telephony applications have to manage a multitude of variables in a very limited time frame, multiplied by tens of thousands of concurrent calls writing billions of lines to log files and databases, not to mention rating, month end billing and real time monitoring of such vast data streams.

Needless to say, being adept at building large telephony software ecosystems naturally enables us to build solutions for non-telephony industries as well. The other industries are typically less demanding and less stringent on real time requirements as telecoms are.

Under the hood, all massive software ecosystems encompass a great coding language like Go, a message bus like NATS, a UI library like React and a database like PostgreSQL and other open source technologies like Docker and the ELK Stack. If you want to build proper software that will stand the test of time, then drop us a line.

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