DC / Managed Server Rentals

Bespoke servers for clients who want to manage their own software on our hardware, well looked after.

We are DellEMC CSP partners and only use Dell. We offer clients the ability to design a new bespoke server solution with long term finance and warranty options. Our typical clients require more resources than the current market offerings can support. In short, they need more power.

Used Server Rentals

  • Used Managed Server Rentals are Dell EMC servers which offer similar specifications compared to the latest server hardware, but for a more affordable price.
  • The latest server version is the DellEMC R750XD while the used server version is the R740XD.
  • Includes Bizvoip Hosting free of charge. Free hardware warranty for the lifetime of the service agreement.
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New Server Rentals

  • New Managed Server Rentals are custom built to specification and ordered brand new from Dell EMC.
  • Servers can be rented or bought outright.
  • Excludes Bizvoip Hosting, which is free of charge for rental agreements only.
  • Free warranty on rental hardware for the lifetime of the agreement for a maximum of 7 years.
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