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This is your place for Home, Office, Call Centre and all other VoIP requirements. No monthly fees and no setup costs!

The Bizvoip VoIP Service is virtually free. Clients only prepay for the minutes they use. Number porting carry an affordable once-off cost. New numbers (DIDs) are free while ICASA permits it.

High capacity and high quality business-class VoIP service featuring always-on technology. Rates are volume based, from as low as 13c per minute (billed per second) to mobile destinations. A drop-in replacement for any telephone line service. Reliable call quality businesses can rely on.

Bizvoip routes over 500 million VoIP calls per month!

Abilities and Features

  • Free service. No monthly service fees.
  • Free DIDs. No setup or monthly cost for new numbers.
  • Affordable porting. Port any number in or out (excludes mobile numbers only).
  • Geographical, 0800 and 0860 DIDs available.
  • Prepaid and vetted postpaid payment models available.
  • High throughput, high quality voice service.
  • Self-service web interface.
  • Reporting and billing features.
  • Wholesale and white label options.
No Service Fees
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Bizvoip's primary focus is the development and hosting of telecommunication software, with support, hosting and software development being it's largest divisions.

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