First number quality lookup service in South Africa, based on central disposition data.

Connect with more customers. Better, faster and more efficient than ever before.


 Challenge Accepted!

Does low contactability impede your sales or collections?

3.2 million successful Sales and Collections calls in last 30 days.

Are you able to connect with only 60% or less of the
customers you dial each month?

8 million RPC’s in last 30 days. 87.9 million RPC’s in last 12 months.

Are you looking for a cost effective and easy way to confirm that your contact data is valid?

Every 10 000 numbers submitted to the NUMBAR service are enriched and returned within 5 minutes.

Do you want to cut poor quality contact data from your call centre/database?

29.5 million numbers rated as poor quality! Do not contact! 29 million numbers rated as excellent quality.

Does data provided by vendors often disappoint?

Most comprehensive call database in SA with billions of calls made to over 61.5 million unique numbers.

Are you looking for a data driven solution that ranks your numbers based on recent connectivity?

NUMBAR uses an array of variables such as volume, RPC & Success Ratios and Recency to rank numbers by quality.

Numbar is South Africa’s first telephone number enrichment service of its kind. Numbar is a statistical based software application developed and trademarked by Bizvoip. Numbar processes close to a billion telephone call records a month, which feeds its advanced algorithms to build intelligence on a telephone number level.

Numbar calculates the answer rate of over 60 million mobile numbers each month. 


Increase Answer Rates By Up To 39%


RPC Count (Calls Over 45 Seconds)


Unique Number RPC Ratio


Active SA Mobile Numbers Contact

Connect With More Customers

Numbar increases answer rates by up to 39%. Answers are directly proportional to conversions.

Increase call centre capacity

Spend less money on unanswered calls

Collect faster

Increase RPC (Right Part Contact) rate

Maximise return on investment

Sell more

Increase call centre capacity

Spend less money on unanswered calls

Collect faster

Increase RPC (Right Part Contact) rate

Maximise return on investment

Sell more

Simplified Contact Data Enrichment

Clients can automatically enrich their data using the SFTP upload and download service. The enrichment process is automated and the  enriched data will be available on the SFTP as soon as it has been processed. Typical enrichment takes roughly 1 minute per 10 000 leads. The Numbar API is in production and will be made available soon.

Step 1: Upload

Extract your telephone numbers and upload them to the SFTP directory. 

Step 2: Download

Automated enrichment process. Download from SFTP when ready. 

Step 3: Ready

Data is enriched. Rated: Super, Good, Workable & Poor. Sort and dial data.

Inside Numbar

The NUMBAR algorithm was developed by our team of scientists and uses more than 14 distinct information segments to assess 5 key quality areas to calculate the quality score of a particular number.

Numbers tracked over a longer period with more records deliver more consistent performance. Recently added numbers may perform well, but are not rewarded as hansomly as consistent performance over a prolonged window. Numbers dialled recently offer a fresh view on their performance and are deemed more valuable than numbers with limited recent activity. Numbers with high RPC and/or high success ratios over several performance windows are deemed more valuable.


5 Calls per month for 12 months are better than 50 calls in one month.

Recent activity

20 Calls in the last 3 months is better than 20 calls 3 months ago.

High Volume

Numbers called 20 times deliver more accurate results than numbers dialled once only.

Right Party Contact

Considering all of the above, high contact ratios with the right person is rewarded.

Success Ratio

Considering all of the above, high successful call ratios are rewarded.

Numbar Use Cases

Data Cleansing

Telephone number ownership changes and lead telephone number changes wreak havoc on lead contactability statistics. Numbar can be used to acquire a deeper insight into telephone data accuracy and quality, and as a result increase answer rates and convertions drastically. Numbar can help identify RPC and poor leads within any telephone number database.

Better Debt Collection

Numbar increases answer rates by up to 39%. Typical debt collectors will collect on a given data set from A to Z, dialing blindly through the data set. Numbar scores telephone numbers on contactability and groups them into 4 categories namely: super, good, workable and poor. Debt collectors can enrich their data and dial the super leads first, and as a result increase collections.

SMS Campaigns

Undelivered SMSs are charged for by mobile telcos. As a result clients pay for undelivered SMSs which are a complete waste. Numbar is able to enrich data sets and inform clients which data should not be SMSed based on poor answer rate performance.  Clients save roughly 20% on SMS campaigns by removing the poor performing numbers before sending SMSs. 

AVM & Broadcasting Campaigns

Calling individuals on their mobile phones is challenging and a perfect outcome cannot be guarenteed. Not all calls ring through and individuals are not always available to take calls. As a result callers waste resources on unanswered calls, which cost money. Numbar not only scores numbers on their contactability rate, but also calculates the best time of day to call such numbers. Cut on wastage and increase answer rates, use Numbar.

Determine Mobile Network

Numbar keeps track of porting numbers and to which mobile network a number belongs. The number’s network forms part of the output data provided for all enrichments. Clients can use such information for least cost routing or network specific campaigns.

Apply for a 30 day Numbar trial

Numbar Trial Request Form

You can only apply for a Numbar account with a valid South African company and CIPC registration number.

We have a few question to establish scope and size, please bare with us. Please tell us about your business and what you wish to gain from Numbar. Approved clients may enrich up to 100 000 numbers over a period of up to 30 days.

What our clients say

"Bizvoip offers what is rare to find these days, the best customer service I have ever received. Professional staff that are always helpful and available. Their technology is extremely fast, reliable, and scalable. We have been growing together over the past 2 years and hopefully many more."

Ricky Silberman

Head of Data, 3Way Marketing

“I strongly believe in giving praise when it is due and therefore I would like to extend my gratitude to you and your team for your impeccable services and assistance during this past telecoms crisis. I have not come across another group with so much experience and knowledge in IP telecoms coupled with the tenacity to get our systems up and running in such a short time frame.”

Daniel Avinir

Technical Director, Solid Systems

"VAT IT has been using BizVoip’s Cloud and Onsite PBX service for over 2 years now and they have proved to be excellent in all respects. The entire process of replacing our previous telephone system was well thought out and professionally managed. Their technical expertise, excellent highly-available support, honesty and friendliness are a breath of fresh air.”

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"We have been using the services of Bizvoip for many years now and have always been completely satisfied with their performance. Their support, maintenance and services are exceptional. They are reasonably priced and always go the extra mile for us. It is with much enthusiasm that we recommend the services of Bizvoip.”

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"We’ve work with BizVoIP over that last couple of months. Frans and his team offers great client service in a timely fashion. They build personal relationships through a genuine interest in assisting with the optimisation of our telecommunication processes.

Werner Koegelenberg

IT & Systems Manager, OUTA

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