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Investing in the future

Creating new software and voice solutions drive us and we often go where others have not gone before. We explore and test any newly released technology to ensure we lead the way. Bizvoip continues developing such newly adopted technologies to evolve and maximise their...

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Number porting, what you should know

For some time now, it has been possible for customers to move geographic telephone numbers with them when they switch providers. This is great if your business has spent time and money on marketing which includes a particular phone number. Number ports are done...

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SMS is on its way out, or is it?

In the last 2 years we have seen an 80% migration away from SMS over to AVM technology (Automatic Voice Messaging), also known as VB (Voice Broadcast), Surveys and Opt-In campaigns. Yes when you receive an AVM its annoying, but the stats show that South Africans...

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The BiZVoIP Story

Simplicity, efficiency and reliability is our foundation. Creating telecoms software is what we do best, a telecoms enabler if you will.  BiZVoIP was founded in 2010 by Frans Schneider as a means to generate extra income. The initial business model was simple and...

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