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2022 Sales Agent Challenge.

An Estimated R100 000 Giveaway!

Win your entire sales portfolio and a permanent sales position at Bizvoip.

The Challenge

  • To sell as many services as possible.
  • Person with the highest total amount of sales wins.
  • Competition ends 1 October 2022.

How it Works

Contestants first need to complete the application form after which Bizvoip will review and approve all valid applications.

Approved contestants will receive training via multiple virtual meetings and will also receive a sales deck with service information to assist with the sales process.

The Bizvoip Sales Department is available to all participants to assist in the sales process throughout the competition.

The Bizvoip Support Department will handle all installations and post-sales support.

Contestants are only required to finalise the sale process after which the relevant Bizvoip Department will take over for installation and support of the client’s new Bizvoip service. 


  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Internet connectivity to use our telephone services free of charge during this competition (free telephone calls).
  • Some sales experience or training.
  • A South African bank account.
  • Own transport.
  • Product information and training will be provided.

Sales & Services

  • Contestants may sell any Bizvoip service located on this website.
  • The primary services are: VoIP, PBX Call Centre and Hosting solutions.
  • Contestants may ask the Bizvoip Sales Department for assistance with larger deals.
  • Support and installation support will be handled by Bizvoip.


  • All applicants will receive roughly 50% of the monthly profit as commission.
  • Commission is paid 7 days after payment is received from the Agent’s client.

Terms & Conditions

  • Applicants must mention that they are a Bizvoip agent and not a fulltime employee.
  • Bizvoip reserves the right to dismiss the permanent employment of the winner in the event that the total sales amount of the winner is too low.
  • The competition may be extended to improve fairness (based on when the majority of contestants register).
  • Must be a South African citizen with valid RSA ID.
  • Any contestant who has a detrimental impact on the sales process may be dismissed by Bizvoip.

How to Apply

Please complete this form to apply for the challenge.

Careers at Bizvoip

Please email if you think you got what it takes to start a career at Bizvoip. A great working attitude is all that it takes.

Latest Career

Freeswitch Specialist

Freeswitch is one of the cornerstones of our business. As a result we take great care to keep or FS environment running smoothly. As our network and offering grows we find an increased need for professional FS skills. 

Basic job description

Head Freeswitch Engineer.

Responsible for the support, development and management of the Freeswitch environment. 


All Bizvoip employees work from home and gather once a week or so in Somerset West, or via online meet. 

  • Freeswitch proficient
  • Linux proficient
  • Great attitude and internal drive to achieve
  • A love for what you do, at any hour of the day
  • A superior skillset with at least 10 years experience, in other words you are over 30 years of age and you are of the smartest in the room
  • Disciplined to work from home
  • Fibre connectivity at home   



  • R30-90k per month before taxes.
  • No other extras or additions
  • A 13th cheque (bonus) if the year permits it

Available Careers

Please send us your CV if you qualify for one of these positions. 

Freeswitch Specialist

Freeswitch is one of the cornerstones of our business. As a result we take great care to keep or FS environment running smoothly. As our network and offering grows we find an increased need for...

SIP Proxy Specialist

Maintaining a VoIP network is no easy task and takes years of experience and wisdom. Understanding SIP Proxies is an equally daunting task and professionals are hard to find. Basic job description...

Chief Commercial Officer

Bizvoip is the creator of many bespoke telecoms applications and services. Due to our strong focus on telecoms software and hosting, we often neglect sales, marketing and additional commercial...

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