BizConf, the FREE business telephone conference service.

Anyone can join or create a conference. Its free to use by all South Africans locally or abroad. 

Free Business Class Telephone Conference Service

BizConf | 087654 57 59

From time to time everyone requires a quick and easy to use telephone conference facility. Even better if it is free to use. Unfortunately callers outside of our network will pay a normal calling rate to call into a Bizconf. For all users on our network the call and service is completely free.

The conference facility is also free to call from our smartphone app, which you can install here.

Anyone Can Create

Anyone who dials in can create multiple conference rooms.

Share With Anyone

After a conference is created it can be shared with anyone in the world.

Anyone Can Join

Anyone with a telephone can join a BizConf telephone conference.

Quality Business Service

High call quality, always on telephone conference service.


Create a Conference

  1. Call the Bizconf number: 087654 57 59.
  2. Press 2 to create a conference.
  3. Enter a 5 digit pin for your conference (example: 12345).If the pin is in use you will be asked to enter a new pin.
  4. Your pin will be read back to you once it was accepted.
  5. You will be transfered back to the main menu where you can press 1 to join a conference, or you may safely hangup and join your conference later again. Unused conferences are deleted after 6 months, but its free to create a new one. 

Join a Conference

  1. Call the Bizconf number: 087654 57 59.
  2. Press 1 to join a conference.
  3. You can press 1 to join the same conference as last time you called in, and it wont ask you for a pin again.
  4. Alternatively press option 2 to join a different conference, for which you will be asked to enter the 5 digit pin.
  5. When you join a conference you will be asked to say your name and to press # afterward. 

Invite to Conference

  1.  To invite participants simply share the 5 digit conference pin with anyone.
  2. Participants can call the Bizconf number: 087654 57 59.
  3. Press 1 to join a conference.
  4. Press 1 to join the same conference (2nd time users) or press 2 to join a different (new users) conference.
  5. Enter the 5 digit conference pin.
  6. Record your name and press the # key

Changes & Admin

Call the Bizconf number 087654 57 59 and press 3. Conferences are free to create. If the conference pin was lost, simply create a new conference and share the new pin with all the participants. Users joining the same conference as the previous time wont be asked for a pin. Bizconf remembers the previous conference a user has joined and will try to automatically connect users to their known conferences. 


Use BizConf now 087654 57 59

Its free from the Bizvoip network and the Havex Cloud Voice App

What our clients say

"Bizvoip offers what is rare to find these days, the best customer service I have ever received. Professional staff that are always helpful and available. Their technology is extremely fast, reliable, and scalable. We have been growing together over the past 2 years and hopefully many more."

Ricky Silberman

Head of Data, 3Way Marketing

“I strongly believe in giving praise when it is due and therefore I would like to extend my gratitude to you and your team for your impeccable services and assistance during this past telecoms crisis. I have not come across another group with so much experience and knowledge in IP telecoms coupled with the tenacity to get our systems up and running in such a short time frame.”

Daniel Avinir

Technical Director, Solid Systems

"VAT IT has been using BizVoip’s Cloud and Onsite PBX service for over 2 years now and they have proved to be excellent in all respects. The entire process of replacing our previous telephone system was well thought out and professionally managed. Their technical expertise, excellent highly-available support, honesty and friendliness are a breath of fresh air.”

Francois Hildebrand

Infrastructure Lead, VAT IT

"We have been using the services of Bizvoip for many years now and have always been completely satisfied with their performance. Their support, maintenance and services are exceptional. They are reasonably priced and always go the extra mile for us. It is with much enthusiasm that we recommend the services of Bizvoip.”

Attie Barnard

CEO, JNZ Group

"We’ve work with BizVoIP over that last couple of months. Frans and his team offers great client service in a timely fashion. They build personal relationships through a genuine interest in assisting with the optimisation of our telecommunication processes.

Werner Koegelenberg

IT & Systems Manager, OUTA

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