Automatic Calling Systems & API Integration for Developers

Unique and feature rich telephone calling automation systems capable of calling everyone in South Africa in one day. Multi-tenant API dialer for software developers or applications requiring telephony capabilities.



API Dialer

Automated Calling System

Bizvoip designed its first AVM service over a decade ago and is currently the leader in AVM technology development in South Africa.

Intelligent algorithms collect information and apply learned intelligence to the automated calling system, which improves answer rates and decreases wastage. 

Clients benefit from superior voicemail detection and third party integration for USSD push, automated mobile network-side billing and other cutting edge features.

Bizvoip routes over 600 million automated calls a month.

Up to 50% better voicemail detection

Calls to mobiles from 19c per minute

Reach more clients and spend less on call costs

Advanced management and integration options

Feature rich web portal accessible from anywhere

High capacity, high quality, always on AVM service


Per AVM channel per month
Excludes VAT & calling credit

Free AVM

No AVM channel fees for volumes over 1 million minutes per month 

AVM Use Cases

Opt In Campaigns

Clients are able to create and manage their own opt in campaigns via the online portal. Typical Opt In campaigns will call the lead and play a prerecorded message upon answer. Leads are able to make a selection (press 1 for…), or can be transfered to a new destination eg a call centre. The AVM is also capable of calling webhooks or APIs during the call flow to postback any realtime data the client may require. Alternatively the client can access the online portal and manage or download information from it.

Network Subscription Campaigns

Subscription campaigns are similar to Opt In campaigns with the addition of billing automation. The AVM will push a USSD message via the mobile network provider to opting in phones, asking the user to confirm the subscription which will be deducted from the mobile phone’s contract or prepaid account. Active subscriptions are paid out to our client’s account on a monthly basis.

Broadcasts & Surveys

These type of campaigns are more basic in design. Campaigns are often used by government, NGOs and other entities who wish to broadcast information or gather information by means of a telephone call. A broadcast example could be “remember to vote”, and a survey example could be “did you vote yesterday?”.

Automated Messaging

A more advanced version of the AVM service. Clients integrate with the API dialer and gain access to a host of telephony features. Typical scenarios include: appointment reminders, customer support automation, quick surveys and data collection, once off messages etc. Clients can subscribe to Google’s text to speech engine  to enable the AVM to read out messages in a human like voice. Ideal for variable messaging. 

Why SMS services are migrating to Automatic Calling Systems

  • AVM is roughly 50% cheaper than SMS

  • Only pay for the minutes used

  • Advanced voicemail detection increases savings

  • AVM is rich in functionality and additional development is possible

  • Answered calls can enter an selection or be transferred to a different destination

  • Integration options for end-to-end automation of telephony

  • Increase answer rates with Numbar enrichment services

  • Mobile network billing for automated subscriptions

Multi-tenant API Dialer & Software Integration

The Bizvoip multi-tenant API dialer is perfect for developers who want to add telecoms capabilities to their software platforms.

The API Dialer was created to replace a multitude of telecoms servers with one single solution capable of serving multiple clients from one multi-tenant application.

The API dialer scales infinitely with growing demands. No need to maintain hundreds of FreePBX containers anymore, or to maintain a server per client.

Developers should also explore Numbar, Bizvoip’s telephone number enrichment service, for increasing answer rates by up to 39%. When answer rate = sales, use Numbar.

Automate the entire dialling process via API

Transfer, queue, record and more, all via API

Low cost calls to increase contact volume

Multi-tenant design to group billing and other elements

Feature rich web portal accessible from anywhere

Very high capacity, always on AVM service

API Dialer Integration Use Cases

FreePBX Cluster Replacement

Using FreePBX as a dialer? Consolidate thousands of FreePBX virtual containers into a single cloud based application all controlled via a single API. Its the future of multi-tenant telephony. Why maintain a virtual cluster and multiple FreePBX containers when you can use a single application which is more affordable and more advanced. 

Telephony Add-on For Applications

The Internet of things is growing fast and technologies are starting to merge into each other’s realms. More software applications require an easy to use telephony add-on extension or integration. The API dialer is perfect for just that. Make and control telephone calls from within your own application in milliseconds, and build your own reports and agent screens using a single API. 

Call Centre Dialer Replacement

Some larger call centres have developed their own software application and use Asterisk or Freeswitch as telephony engines, or dialers. While these systems are cost effective, they are not very efficient and do not scale. Integrate with us and benefit from advanced technologies which will ultimately increase your conversions while saving on resources and costs.

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What our clients say

"Bizvoip offers what is rare to find these days, the best customer service I have ever received. Professional staff that are always helpful and available. Their technology is extremely fast, reliable, and scalable. We have been growing together over the past 2 years and hopefully many more."

Ricky Silberman

Head of Data, 3Way Marketing

“I strongly believe in giving praise when it is due and therefore I would like to extend my gratitude to you and your team for your impeccable services and assistance during this past telecoms crisis. I have not come across another group with so much experience and knowledge in IP telecoms coupled with the tenacity to get our systems up and running in such a short time frame.”

Daniel Avinir

Technical Director, Solid Systems

"VAT IT has been using BizVoip’s Cloud and Onsite PBX service for over 2 years now and they have proved to be excellent in all respects. The entire process of replacing our previous telephone system was well thought out and professionally managed. Their technical expertise, excellent highly-available support, honesty and friendliness are a breath of fresh air.”

Francois Hildebrand

Infrastructure Lead, VAT IT

"We have been using the services of Bizvoip for many years now and have always been completely satisfied with their performance. Their support, maintenance and services are exceptional. They are reasonably priced and always go the extra mile for us. It is with much enthusiasm that we recommend the services of Bizvoip.”

Attie Barnard

CEO, JNZ Group

"We’ve work with BizVoIP over that last couple of months. Frans and his team offers great client service in a timely fashion. They build personal relationships through a genuine interest in assisting with the optimisation of our telecommunication processes.

Werner Koegelenberg

IT & Systems Manager, OUTA

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