Vicidial has become a staple within the call center sector, being one of the most reliable and customisable call centre platforms in the game, not to mention its affordability. Bizvoip has been breathing, eating and sleeping Vicidial for years, and with full confidence, we can say that we know the platform inside and out. We are also able to customise Vicidial and develop new bespoke features from scratch. Bizvoip has integrated Vicidial with numerous third party applications and has paid for custom Vicidial features in the past. 

Vicidial and the effect of remote work

2020/2021 has proved itself to be a challenging year. Businesses have had to find new ways to operate within the constraints of safety regulations. Faced with a new landscape, businesses took up the challenge head on, moving the majority of their staff to work remotely. It was time to find solutions to keep the ships afloat, finding the balance between safety of employees and keeping food on the table.

Working remotely is not a foreign concept to Bizvoip, as an established CSP since 2010, we have been providing cloud services (remotely) for the South African market place. Statistics have shown that productivity (talk time) increases when individuals are working remotely. Bizvoip started seeing an influx from businesses that were looking for a solution, a virtual office space, a way that companies could run successful campaigns, and have access to this information from anywhere in the world.

Benefits of using Vicidial

Powerful Auto-Dialer

Automatically dials telephone numbers from a database and connects only answered calls to agents. Relies on voicemail detection to remove non-human answered calls.

Realtime Management

Manage the call centre, campaigns, user groups, agents and dialing methods in real-time from anywhere. Control what users can and cannot do.

Advanced Reporting

Report on every single aspect of the call centre. Includes Inbound and outbound dialing reports, campaign and agent reports, campaign reports, data reports and more.

Call Centre Productivity

Control what agents can and cannot do when not on a telephone call. Includes timing mechanisms which will flag lingering agents. Includes productivity reporting.

Cloud Vicidial Monthly Costs

Discount applies for volumes greater than 20 agents. 


per user per month

excluding VAT

Included Features

  • Inbound & Outbound Calls
  • Auto Dialer with voicemail detection
  • AVMs & Surveys
  • Call Recording
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Support Level Agreement

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