Freeswitch is one of the cornerstones of our business. As a result we take great care to keep or FS environment running smoothly. As our network and offering grows we find an increased need for professional FS skills. 

Basic job description

Head Freeswitch Engineer.

Responsible for the support, development and management of the Freeswitch environment. 


All Bizvoip employees work from home and gather once a week or so in Somerset West, or via online meet. 

  • Freeswitch proficient
  • Linux proficient
  • Great attitude and internal drive to achieve
  • A love for what you do, at any hour of the day
  • A superior skillset with at least 10 years experience, in other words you are over 30 years of age and you are of the smartest in the room
  • Disciplined to work from home
  • Fibre connectivity at home   



  • R30-90k per month before taxes.
  • No other extras or additions
  • A 13th cheque (bonus) if the year permits it

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