Bizvoip is protected against all acts of nature and any other forms of disasters provided nothing happens to Teraco Isando. Our data centre design follows a “dual everything” methodology for maximum stability and uptime. This means we can recover from outages without sending engineers to the DC. We can also use Teraco remote hands if we require an engineer onsite to do any physical work.

The Bizvoip DC is COVID19 ready.

All Bizvoip employees have always worked from home only gathering when its necessary, a few times a week. We have always utilised cutting edge technologies to overcome modern challenges, and COVID19 is no different.

Nothing has really changed for us and we will always strive to outperform our peers regardless of the challenges being faced. If Bizvoip is down it will probably be the end of the world, and the least of anyone’s problems.

Bizvoip’s staff are well protected and prepared for COVID19.

If we can assist in any way please email or call the Bizvoip support desk. We will do our best to assist all cleints to overcome their COVID19 challenges. Now go wash your hands!

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