I was hoping to write about something more positive next, but then “the major telco” came along this week and made life difficult for us with unfounded accusations and outright bullying tactics. This is a followup from an older post I made about grey minutes which you can read about here.


The Issue

“The major telco” is accusing our clients of international CLI manupulation, and without proof they went and blocked the so called offeding clients’ outbound CLIs. This action lost our clients some money, but we were quick to act and had them back online in minutes. Below is my second letter to “the major telco” , please have a read.

5 December 2019


Unfounded ridiculous ITR claim, continued.

I did some investigation and have determined how “the major telco” gathers its ITR facts. When “the major telco” guess that a call is ITR it will send a NI-USSD to the mobile phone asking the customer if the previous call was from an international origination. If the customer deems it was from overseas then the call is logged as ITR. 

Firstly, this is one of the most ridiculous methods I have ever heard of, because there is no way for the customer to know and it is fully reliant on the opinion of people who are mostly uneducated in this regard.

Secondly, there is only one method to detect ITR and that is with so called poison routes where “the major telco” will buy international calling cards and call their own local numbers. If it shows a local CLI and not an international CLI then, and only then, can it be deemed ITR. 

Furthermore to this case, if we call a million+ “the major telco” customers a month and 5 mark the NI-USSD as yes then its 0,0005% of our volume. Now I dont know who does the math at “the major telco” but this is not even close to an acceptable amount to outright block a client’s CLIs. 

I hereby request that “the major telco” terminates their NI-USSD ITR check, because it is stupid, unreliable and inaccurate. The creator of this check should be fired. We have built many such solutions in the past and the way “the major telco” does it is pathetic. 

I am not going to stand back while “the major telco” and the other major telcos exploit this international monopoly that was created. We will only take so much before we push back.”

Happy dialing guys and girls!

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