Creating new software and voice solutions drive us and we often go where others have not gone before. We explore and test any newly released technology to ensure we lead the way. Bizvoip continues developing such newly adopted technologies to evolve and maximise their ultimate efficiency and performance. 

With an ever growing resources requirement, Bizvoip has outgrown it’s current data centre environment. The good news is we have already commissioned a new environment months ago. Also hosted in Teraco Isando, it hosts a beautiful array of new powerful servers and network hardware. The new DC will be referred to simply as “DC2”. DC2 is designed to accommodate all future expansions required for at least 2 years, ensuring unhindered resource scaling for our clients.  

DC2 is equipped with the latest Aruba core switches. Aruba’s new features and functionality are a noticeable upgrade from the Dell core switches we were previously using. The switches are also more powerful and have built in redundancy. Each Aruba switch is configured with a slave spare to quickly overcome unexpected failures. Each Aruba is linked to the core with 10Gb/s fibre up-links.

Dual Mikrotik CCR1036 cloud core routers are still used for the core routing of each of our server racks. Many critics are questioning the low cost of the CCRs, but at a 1/4 of the price compared to Cisco, and 4x the processing power, what is their not to like?

We have tested these units for many years and they are superb. For redundancy purposes each unit features a spare. The CCR1036 features a 36 core 1,2GHz CPU, 4GB memory, 10Gb/s SFP uplink ports and dual powersupply. 

Over the next 6 months Bizvoip engineers will also be upgrading the entire server stack to the DellEMC PowerEdge R740 and R840 models. Current and new clients will benefit from more powerful and efficient hardware resources. Bizvoip’s AVM, API Dialler, Vicidial Cluster and Virtual Cluster all receive additional hardware to increase capacity by 100%. A large portion of the new resources will be allocated to newly developed Bizvoip software applications, which will be launched within the next months. More information to follow in the coming months.

A stable and reliable network stack is the foundation of any cloud based solutions provider. We go the extra distance to ensure our stack is both reliable and stable, and that we have backup hardware and procedures in place to overcome any failure instantly. It is thus in our best interest to heavily invest in our data centre and its hardware, and we will continue to do so indefinitely. 

The same goes for our servers. We wont settle for anything cheaper than Dell, because it is just not worth the trouble. We have never had any trouble with Dell servers and they constantly outperform their counterparts. Not to mention we get them for a steal and pass those low rates on directly to our customers.

Server rental models also now available, for example you can now rent a new Dell R740 with dual Intel Gold 6140 CPUs, 64Gb RAM and 8x Seagate Nytro 3730 SSD drives for around R12 000 excluding VAT per month. Email for more details. 

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