Dear Customer,

Important information regarding number porting freeze period for the festive season.

The porting department will be closed from 21 December
2018 and will resume duties on 9th of January 2019.

Managed Ports:

Last date of Submissions: 23rd of November 2018,
We will not be able to process any managed ports until the 9th of January 2019.

Individual Ports:

Last date of submissions: 7 December 2018:

Individual port requests received on or before 7 December will be processed and Port date
confirmations will be sent out for dates between 10 and 14 December 2018.

These Ports will take place if accepted by the current Network provider. (note- Some Network providers are not available to
process Port requests in December)

Ports that have been approved will have to be ready to Port on or before 19th of December 2018. No
Port will be activated after the 19th of December 2018.

Parties must respond promptly to Port dates confirmations in order to get late submissions ported.

Important Information:

  • Pre-paid customers: Please make provision and pre-payments into your account for your expected port requests once you have confirmed the dates.
  • Ensure all paperwork is 100% correct when submitted in order for the requests to be processed by the shutdown dates. We will not take responsibility for ports not processed due to incorrect paperwork being submitted. We will also not load new port requests after the shutdown date if the paperwork was sent in incorrectly prior to the shutdown period.
  •  Multiple applications in one ticket will be rejected.
  • Clients must be ready to port numbers when a porting request is opened. 
  • Make sure client’s companies are still OPEN during the December period and only submit port requests for clients that will be ready to port once the port dates are available.
  • We cannot guarantee acceptance of any port requests shortly before the last date of porting. This is the busiest time of the year, we are not in the position to make special exceptions and / or push other networks for urgent ports.
  • NO Port requests will be loaded as “special requests” after the cut off dates as per below.
  • Loading times in January may take longer than the normal 48 hours. This could be due to potential backlog of Port requests
  • No Port reversals must be submitted after 14 December 2018. No reversals will be done.
  • Ports that have been rejected after 7 December 2018 will be rejected and you will have to resubmit the application and paperwork in January 2019. We will not resubmit using old documentation.
  • Individual port requests received after 7 December 2018 will be rejected.

Let us know via email to if you require any more info regarding the port freeze period.

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