Simplicity, efficiency and reliability is our foundation. Creating telecoms software is what we do best, a telecoms enabler if you will. 

BiZVoIP was founded in 2010 by Frans Schneider as a means to generate extra income. The initial business model was simple and efficient, buy and resell VoIP minutes. VoIP was the only service initially offered by BiZVoIP and with good reason, because there was no time. In 2014 Frans left his permanent job and started focusing more on BiZVoIP while also being involved in another pioneering telecoms company. The BiZVoIP service offering grew and also included call centre solutions and onsite PBX solutions. In 2015 BiZVoIP built its own data centre and included hosting, cloud PBX and cloud call centre solutions in its offering.

Only in 2016 Frans started dedicating all of his time to BiZVoIP, which started growing rapidly by roughly 300% per year. 2017 was the year BiZVoIP changed its strategy to become a telecoms software development house and started moving away from conventional telecoms solution. Consequently BiZVoIP built the largest API dialer cluster in SA capable of calling 5000 people at the same time, per server. A modern telecoms service was born where customers could bring their own software while BiZVoIP executed the dialling of millions of numbers a day, all via API.

2018 is our best year yet due to our loyal customers and our leading telecoms software solutions. Our development team is currently busy with 3 new projects designed for the next phase in telecoms. These software applications will empower large entities to sell and manage VoIP and related services via an online portal like never before.

Presently BiZVoIP has 3 directors and 2 sister companies and growing. We have seen peaks of 650 000 minutes per day and 500 calls per second in 2018. In a 4 weak period we could basically call everyone in South Africa at least once. Our future projects are all aimed at improving the reselling process of voice and related services, and to unify these services under one application. We will make these new applications available to our customers in mid 2019. We will update customers in the new year regarding the official release date of these applications.

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