Business class VoIP with 99.9% uptime

Perfect for businesses that cannot afford downtime, with calls from 20c to mobiles and 17c to landlines.

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With a primary clientele comprising call centers and larger organisations, BiZVoIP offers the highest quality VoIP trunks at the lowest possible cost – both directly to the end-user and as a reselling solution, where the latter pays as little as 20 cents per minute to mobile numbers (provided sufficient volume). With all VoIP solutions covered by High Availability boasting 99.9% uptime, BiZVoIP also peers with most ISPs for further enhancement of call quality and stability.

VoIP Features

Global Access

We facilitate connectivity between global offices. Connect to our VoIP service from anywhere in the world.

99.9% Uptime

All our voice services are built on High Availability (HA) clusters for the ultimate in 99.9% uptime – perfect for business communication.

Top Quality

We peer with multiple ISPs to enhance call quality by improving the route between BiZVoIP and your ISP. (New peering requests are welcome.)

High Availability

Features at least one hot spare throughout the core for instant failover without dropping any calls.


Customer portal features full CDR and billing, including postpaid and prepaid models with low credit notification.

Reseller Termination Cost

From 17c to landlines

per minute billed per second

From 20c to mobiles

per minute billed per second

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