Global bulk SMS solutions

Featuring: web interface, short codes, long codes, premium numbers, USSD, auto response and triggers, reporting, reseller capabilities and more...

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Bulk SMS Solutions

BiZVoIP Bulk SMS Solutions are fully featured and have a global reach to most international destinations. Developers can optionally integrate with our SMS API to further automate and streamline sending SMSs directly from their software applications. There are no monthly contracts and no hidden fees. Special features, for example Premium Numbers, carry an additional cost and are quoted on upon request. The SMS rate is determined by the number of SMSs sent each month. The Bulk SMS service is prepaid only with optional post paid options for long term customers.

Bulk SMS Features

Global Coverage

Send Bulk local and international SMSs to hundreds of networks around the world with your BiZVoIP Bulk SMS Platform.

SMS Campaigns

Send Bulk SMS campaigns to your pre-loaded contact lists or upload a .csv file to create a batch campaign.

High Quality

Your Bulk SMSs are delivered quickly and reliably via BiZVoIP's industry leading platform and network.

Multi SMS

If your SMS exceeds the 160 character limit it will automatically be sent as a multiple SMS broken up into 160 characters per SMS.

Auto Response

Set conditions (triggers) for replies or inbound SMSs which will trigger auto-response SMSs, email or HTTP request.


Send transactional or batch SMSes with our HTTP API or bind using SMPP. Receive real-time callbacks with delivery reports and replies.

Short Codes

Setup Standard, Premium Rate or Reverse Billed short codes for competitions, customer support, donations and more.

Unicode Support

Send Bulk SMSs with or without special characters or in another language with Unicode character support.


Build and deploy standard, premium and zero rated USSD campaigns and services from within your portal.

SMS Portal

Web-based management portal allowing for easy access from anywhere in the world.

Who Is It For?


Any business with bulk SMS requirements


Larger entities with bulk SMS resell requirements

Cost per SMS

All our customers receive the same fully featured web portal for easy access and management of SMS campaigns and special features. **NOTE: The below costs are accurate estimates, but can change without notice. Please contact us for a final quotation.