Cloud and onsite business PBX made simple and efficient.

Our cloud PBX platform is apt for both, businesses and resellers, featuring 99.9% uptime and calls from 20c to mobiles, with onsite solutions painstakingly designed to suit the particular needs of each individual client. (All custom requests welcome).

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PBX and VoIP technologies are closely linked, with the related platforms often offering both, PBX and VoIP services. Utilising one of BiZVIP’s countrywide clusters, we offer a wide range of hosted PBX and VoIP soft-switch solutions available both for new installations and reselling purposes, and welcomes all requests for unique office solutions – encompassing speech recognition and/or other unique cutting-edge modules). Just consult us about your options.

PBX Options


Although cloud PBXs are the future, some clients still require onsite solutions. Be it for security, data sensitivity or any other reason – we have the right solution for you.


Running your PBX in the cloud means you benefit from all the bells and whistles. These include all PBX features, maximum stability, automatic data redundancy, and more.


Few know the difference between cloud and hosted solutions: clouds are everywhere, while ‘hosted’ is one place. It’s like taking your onsite solution and putting it in a data center. We usually do this for sensitive requests – the client's own happy place.


We cater for a wide range of billing applications – including prepaid and postpaid, self-service additions, low credit notification and more. If not already included, a billing engine can be added to the majority of our services.


Reporting is important for administrators – and for reselling purposes in particular. We can build any custom report you require and add billing modules to save time and increase efficiency.

Who is it for?

Business PBX

Perfect for businesses that cannot afford any downtime, featuring a hot spare design.

PBX Resellers

Designed for resellers: BiZVoIP takes care of the tech so that resellers can focus on sales.

Cloud PBX

One of our primary services is to provide our cloud PBX platform to resellers and other large entities (the same cloud PBX technology can be used to service a gated community, a smart village, a hotel, or even a multistory building with individual customers). The primary advantages of the cloud PBX are stability, and a safe place for your data. The cloud also offers more features with a strong focus on simplifying billing and management. Talk to us about your specific needs – we welcome all challenges. (Note that as a rule, we do not service cloud PBX customers directly, but rather refer them to one of our resellers.)

Cloud PBX Features

Web Portal

A simplified yet powerful web tool for managing the cloud PBX, where resellers utilise the same portal, but with added privileges.

Self Service

Perfect for resellers, allowing clients can do almost everything via the web portal, and resellers to simply top up the prepaid balance.


Reporting on all the aspects - including call history, billing history, visual summary billing and real-time screen for reception.

Cheap Calls

Calls start from around 20 cents to mobiles. While the cost might be cheap, the quality is tops, with an average MOS of 4.5.

Numbers for Life

We can get all sorts of numbers, but we advise clients to take geographical numbers, because they can be ported.