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Sharing knowledge and empowering our clients with valuable information and skills is one of the cornerstones of our vision. With ample experience in designing and building cutting-edge VoIP solutions and expertise acquired in virtual technology (as to facilitate High Availability), our core focus and specialisation is on the implementation and support of VoIP and Virtual platforms for larger use – with an emphasis on efficiency improvement, billing automation, systems automation and unification, as well as other forms of redundancy improvement – all often geared towards reselling.
While High Availability (HA) is expensive as it requires doubling the hardware (mostly servers) as well as dual fiber links between servers (as to facilitate real-time switching between hardware upon failure), once acquired, you have an always-on technology, thus eliminating failures altogether and maximizing your day-to-day and overall efficiency.
Ask us about your project as to acquire insight into your needs, requirements and options.

Areas of Expertise


Voice technologies are our primary skill. Whatever the need – we have a solution for virtually any problem. Combining voice technology with billing, management and other technologies enables us to create virtually any voice solution from the ground up. Projects could include office PBX, business and residential villages, hotels, call centers, ISPs, Telcos and many more. The more difficult the task, the more we love it.

Call Center

Call center platforms can be extremely complex – not to mention the costs. We provide solutions that are not only powerful, but also at a fraction of the cost, with features like auto-dialing, answering machine detection (AMD), lead recycling, automated surveys (AVM) and more. While we generally recommend onsite solutions, we offer hosted solutions too, and welcome resellers.


Hosted, cloud and other virtual applications are all on the leading front of technology, and as a result these systems provide a whole new level of efficiency, scalability, cutting-edge features and ultimately uptime. The most notable feature is High Availability, where dual hardware is utilised in a "hot spare" configuration. The fail-over switch between the pair is achieved in a few milliseconds. We cater for both onsite and hosted clusters.

Billing and Reporting

The automation of billing and reporting is always important to us, as it saves time and money. With multiple billing engines combined with prepaid or postpaid services, reporting, and other automation modules, difficult billing systems are a thing of the past. Our systems have API support so any user interface or custom report can be created.