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Featuring auto-dialer, campaign and lead managers, answering machine detection, real-time reporting, and more.

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Call Center

Call center software as a whole encompasses a wide range of modules and features ranging from speech and voicemail detection to automatic dialers (predictive, progressive and full automatic); financial and administration reporting; SMS; email; CRM integration, and more. The flexibility of the call center modules allows us to offer a large range of solutions for a wide variety of call center requirements. While the majority of call center platforms are designed around primary modules such as automatic dialers, with BiZVoIP being a development house, we welcome any special requests – it’s what we wake up in the morning for. Consult with us regarding your needs, and we’ll be sure to provide you with the necessary information, insights, and options available to you.
Our call center solutions can be deployed onsite or in the cloud. We have multiple clusters countrywide specifically for hosting our call center solutions.

Primary Call Center Features


This module enables the administrator to pre-load client leads into a hopper, which will automatically dial the data and connect answered calls only to waiting agents. This shortens waiting time between calls and also removes time wasted on non-answered calls.


Imagine your agents not receiving voicemail. Answering Machine Detection (AMD) does exactly that. Combine with automatic dialing and surveys to further increase efficiency levels. (Can also be used for number validation.)


Broadcasting and survey campaigns made easy. Called customers can also be connected to agents waiting for customers opting in. Full reporting on campaigns. Combine with number-validator to improve contactable efficiency.

Number Validator

Perfect for sales campaigns: the administrator uploads a list of numbers and the number validator reports back on valid numbers. (Feature might require BiZVoIP clients to have consent from their customers to contact them using the number validator.)

Random CLI

Our custom-built random outbound CLI generator enhances contactability for campaigns. Particularly suitable for debt collection or other campaigns susceptible to low answer rates.

Data Manager

Understanding your data and using it at optimal levels is a daunting task for any call center administrator. With our data or lead manager you can easily understand your contact data while ensuring every last lead is fully utilised. [Includes automatic data recycling and outcome reports.]

Campaign Manager

The campaign manager allows for fine tuning your campaign and dialing ratios, with over 100 campaign settings available, also permitting you to control the dial rules (e.g. allowed dial times, callback rules, agent rules, dial ratios and many more).


SMS campaigns starting from 18c per SMS, with full self-service portal that includes reporting; SMS auto-response; SMS auto opt-out, and list upload – and supports variables for SMS content, premium numbers, short codes and more.


Supports UK and USA consumer contact compliance. Perfect for international sales campaigns and other campaigns targeting the UK or USA.


Web-based, thus allowing easy access from anywhere, and features an overview of all the important features: agent status and stats; carrier stats; campaign stats; auto-dial stats; data stats; call monitor (barge, whisper) and more.

Hardware Location


We host your call center solution in one of our countrywide data centers.


We install your call center solution onsite (used for sensitive or larger solutions).

Monthly Cost per Person

All our customers receive the same quality support, its just our response time that varies. We thus ask you, our valued customer, to choose the plan that best suits your business needs.

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